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Ask Australia's customers either do not have fieldwork facilities, or require outsourced services due to overload of their own facilities.

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Privacy Policy

Information collection by Ask Australia is done in accordance with the requirements of the Privacy Act and the Market & Social Research Privacy Principles. Ask Australia is a fieldwork survey company which means that we do not conduct analysis or reporting on information collected. Information collected is returned to the commissioning client.

Under the data validation requirements of the Australian Standard for Market Research we occasionally recall respondents to validate that a survey has been conducted correctly and that the interviewer was courteous at all times. To be able to do this we ask for the first name of the respondent at the time of the initial interview and permission to call back for quality assurance purposes. The respondent is under no obligation to give us their name or agree to be re-contacted. Generally approximately 10% of respondents are re-contacted. At the conclusion of the validation process the first name information and any other potentially identifying data is removed ? a process know as ?de-identification?.

On occasion, Ask Australia will be required by a client to identify people who are willing to participate in a study or focus group at a later date. In such cases the respondent is fully informed as to the requirements of the study and that their contact information will be retained until such time as it is used or the study completed. At the completion of a study the information is de-identified.

Further information about the Privacy Act and the Australian Market and Social Research Society (AMSRS) is available through the links on this page. AMSRS also provides a free information line 1300 364 830 which is available 24 hours per day seven days a week. This service is available so that members of the public can verify that they have been contacted by a market research company which is recognized by the Society.